Auto Electrical Fault Repairs & Replacement in Sunderland

Vehicle System Services’ well-trained, devoted, and competent auto-electricians have provided the highest level of technical support for vehicle electrics in Sunderland and surrounding areas.

What To Expect From Us


Our team are polite & professional with extensive experience dealing with vehicle systems and the electrical faults that inevitably happen. You'll receive expert insight and guidance from us.

Competitive Price

Our processes are efficient, especially when compared to our competition allowing us to be very competitive with our pricing. This is why most large dealerships outsource electrical faults to us.

On time target

Our processes are tried and tested allowing us to assess faults swiftly and resolve any issues we find. This allows us to operate effectively and efficiently, having you back on the road in no time.

About Vehicle Systems Services

We understand how aggravating electrical problems may be, and we can assist you to prevent having to deal with them again. Our fast and efficient quality auto electrical service in Sunderland is a wonderful alternative to main dealerships who may not specialise in auto-electrical repairs.

With our skilled staff on your side, you will be back on the road in no time. Vehicle system services have created a highly efficient quality control system to ensure that every vehicle that leaves the workshop meets our high standards and that all of our team members are compliant and professional.

Electronics are becoming more prevalent in modern vehicles. If your car’s electrical system is malfunctioning, you will need an auto electrical replacement or repair provider to help you solve the problem. We are much more than typical technicians at Vehicle System Services; we also have a lot of expertise providing auto electrical repair services to clients throughout Sunderland & the North East of England.


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Electrical Components We Service in Sunderland

• Alternators: Alternators are in charge of charging your battery and supplying power to your car’s other components. Your battery will die if your alternator is not working properly, and other electrical components will malfunction.

• Batteries: The battery supplies power to many elements of the vehicle, but its primary job is to power your starter. You will not be able to start your vehicle if your battery is low.

• Starter Motors: They use battery power to start your engine. You will not be able to start your car if your car’s starter fails.

• Other Electrical Components: Other electrical components used in modern vehicles include electric windows, entertainment systems, electric seats, reverse cameras, and more.

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Vehicle Electrical Fault
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Vehicle System Services is the most experienced vehicle electrical repair company in Sunerland, as our name says. We are the best choice in Sunderland if you need a licensed, insured crew and is fully committed to offering economical repair services.