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Our pleasant professionals, who have a combined experience of more than 3 decades, will do all possible to assist you with your inquiry. We have earned a solid reputation for diagnosing and correcting problems that our competitors can not, and we are trusted by a variety of professional garages, main dealers, truck and bus companies. We also offer unique diagnostic and fault-finding expertise, which makes Vehicle System Services your best option when paired with our many years of experience. Our service is quick and dependable because we have an extensive database and access to the latest tools and equipment.

Our technicians will save you time and money by correctly identifying problems in the first place, rather than merely switching components until the problem is located because they are automotive diagnostic professionals with many years of experience. We ensure cost-effective repairs at all times by accurately diagnosing a problem.

Vehicles with various auto electrical difficulties are brought to us on a regular basis, and our professionals have many years of experience diagnosing the problem and repairing it most cost-effectively. Airbags, burnt out wires and looms, ABS, immobiliser and alarm issues, EGR valves, DPFs, non-starts, and many more problems are among the problems we can diagnose and repair.

Why Work With Vehicle System Services

Quality Equipment

We've invested heavily in the best tools for the job. This allows us to turn around projects at much more efficient pace.

Honest Workers

Our staff will be direct with costings, time-scales and any details that are relevant to the job. We don't make false promises.


We guarantee our work. In the unlikely event that the fault returns, bring the vehicle back to us for inspection and a resolution.

WORK With professionals

Our customer service philosophy is based on providing high-quality work, and our attention to detail ensures that our customers leave satisfied! We educate and assist you in understanding the repair process by simply discussing diagnosis and fixes without the up-selling that has become synonymous with the industry. We stand by our word that we are your experts in excellence, from the amenities of the lobby to the state-of-the-art equipment. The purpose of Vehicle System Services is simple: to be the automobile service and repair company you can actually depend on.


Book An Appointment

A member of Customer Service will schedule you in for an appointment convenient for you.


Vehicle Inspection & Quote

One of our specialists will trouble shoot the electrical fault to source the root of the problem.


Project Completion

One of our engineers will repair or replace the cause of the issue in a timely fashion and notify you when complete.

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